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    Platitude News - 23/08/2012



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    Platitude News - 23/08/2012

    Post by Cüzen on Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:13 am

    Welcome to Platitude News, where I'll go through all the latest updates, and what we can expect to see.

    So, what's new? Well, first of all, we've replaced the old buggy chat and replaced it with a new, much better one. To access the chat, just click the image above the first category:

    The chat is hosted by xat, so please use your forum username as the chat name. Credit for creating the background goes to our graphics designer, ail_t, and tweaked a small bit by myself.

    Next, there have been some small tweaks to small things in the forum, for example, a sweet animation zoom on the images. Just click on one! Here's an elephant to help you.

    As well as some updates, we now have new staff! maingan, Nick and ail_t.

    That's about it update-wise, but we have some great things coming soon!

    So, what can we expect? Well, I'll leave best until last, so, here are some of the minor changes. A multiple theme selection function could soon be implemented, so you can easily change the forum's theme! Tweaks are already being made to the current design to make it look a bit nicer.

    Now - the more significant changes... A homepage is changed! Platitude will no longer just be a forum, but it will rather have a proper homepage too. Here are snippets of the homepage to give you some hints.

    Well, that's all for this week. Remember to vote in the threads poll!

    Goodbye, and thanks for reading.

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