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    Minecraftia- The Three Dimensions


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    Minecraftia- The Three Dimensions Empty Minecraftia- The Three Dimensions

    Post by Zacker64 on Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:03 pm

    Hey guys, this is Zacker64 with a minecraft roleplay. Comment please, and give me a score out of 10!



    I'm Zacker64. I live in the Overworld, which is the normal Minecraft world. There are animals, various biomes, and of course, monsters. I live alone, which is really common. This is survival, so the baddies love to kill the Users. Every night, I go up to the borders of my village, shooting down random creepers and collecting gunpowder, or slicing the undead: Typical.

    Life in Overworld is never easy. Of course, at night, monsters spawn, ready to tear you to pieces. The sun comes out, and the undead goes up in flames. But creepers and spiders: they survive, which pretty much sucks.

    Anyway, it's morning again, and I'll have to exterminate any creepers or spiders daring to spawn in my territory. Oh, by the way, I have a wolf named Pluto. He's dead useful, killing animals that I attack. He's bounding towards me again, probably for more rotten flesh. Man, they don't even get sick by eating that stuff: I get them from zombies. I have an obsidian house, with some glowstones for light source. I know that I have to get down into the mineshaft and dig up coals, but who cares? This world is mine, and I'm alone. Well, except for Pluto and some evil creatures screaming for bloody murder.

    I love killing chickens: they look like ducks and they are idiots. I heard another bird going down, screaming: KECCKKKK! By the diamond sword, they don't stand a chance. My village pretty much rock, except that I'm the only human. I heard there are other dimensions: Aether and Nether. I think it would be entertaining to build a portal and get in there but what's the point? I'm all alone.



    Hello, this is BJRULEZ35, permanent resident of the hostile paradise. You don't know where that is? Shame. It's Aether. It's like a bunch of floating islands with moas, phygs, whirlwinds, aerbunnies, sheepuffs, etc. I'm like the only one living here so the whole floating world is mine. There is only one structure ever made by myself: My house. Made entirely of dungeon lightstones and light angelic stones. I have a front yard where I grow my crops and where I keep my ride. What's my ride? A moa. A black one, actually. Really rare and is much more cooler than white or blue moas and flying animals. I named him Vulcan, and he's awesome.

    Day is really long in Aether, and night is pretty much light. There is this huge boss called the Sun Spirit, and he's the one to blame when night comes late. You kill him? AWESOME! You bring night to the Aether and the big fiery giant is out cold.

    Seriously, life in Aether is all cool and that, except the land is like, floating and there are hostile mobs. The world is awesome, but I wonder if there are any extra-terrestrial life forms out there in other dimensions.



    Hey, I'm cvc7. I'm the only living human in the Nether, a Minecraft hell. This place is filled with danger. You get out of your house completely unprotected? Get ready to get bombed by ghasts. White ghost jellyfishes float around the sky, looking for some tasty morsels. The land is filled with lava instead of water, and mutants roam the land. Zombie-pigmen march around with their pesky little golden swords, and hunt people down who killed one of their brethren. I may have made some grudge against them, because I hit one of them accidentally with my ham. I still look out for them before I leave the house.

    My house is not cool, and cut me some slack. I live in the Nether, the ultimate hell! I only built out of Netherrack and cobblestone. Best building material in Nether. I also used some glowstones, the native light source in this hell world. I don't have any other companies in here except some hostile zombie piggies, albino jellyfishes, these things called Blazes, and some Magma cubes. Pretty much sucks.

    I bravely stepped out of my hiding place, and instantly, the mutant came: What did I tell you? That pink-green monster, once again, groaned grotesquely and fell, leaving me about two million more to go. A ghast aims a fireball. GREAT! I shot back. SHEEAAAAAK! It screeches.

    "Hey, jelly!" I yell. "Say something." Wow, I'm talking to a monster.

    "Huuuurrrrt Meee." It says. I'm serious. That's what it says.

    "Yeah? I'll hurt YOU!" I shot some arrows and the jelly died. See? Piece of cake.

    I reckon I visited one of those dimensions: The Overworld. But since there were no inhabitants, I think I'm the only one living in this huge, vast world, with mutants and lava. I don't think anyone would be out there.

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