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    Pokemon Rom Hacking


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    Pokemon Rom Hacking Empty Pokemon Rom Hacking

    Post by ian_the_great2 on Thu Nov 22, 2012 8:00 pm

    Hey guys, just wanted to talk about a project that I've been working on recently.

    [skip this if you’re not interested in back-story.]
    As a kid I had a serious addiction to Pokemon Sapphire. I poured in mass amounts of time into that Pokemon game and had a lot of fun leveling up and such. Like all things, the joy of playing the game eventually died. After about one and a half years, I got tired of the game and stopped playing. I completely forgot about pokemon games in general and the show annoyed my 7-year-old mind. I fell out of sync with the pokemon community and didn’t take interest in the subject again until i was about 12. I finally had my own computer and was indulging myself in the luxury of being able to download whatever i wanted without asking for permission. while searching the internet, i stumbled upon some hacked roms. I was intrigued by the stories people had made up and the new regions that were introduced. So i decided to do a bit of investigation on how the games were made.
    [Back-story over with]

    So, what are hacked roms, and how are they made? A hacked rom is simply a pokemon game created by someone online that doesn't work under Gamefreak. These games can have all kinds of themes and regions, the possibilities are endless. You can construct your own story line and everything. Its pretty enjoyable. There are two primary tools for editing hacked roms. These are Advanced-Map, and RPGmaker. I'm more in-tune with Advanced-Map so i'm just going to explain that one.

    Pokemon Rom Hacking Untitled

    Advanced map is a tool made specifically for pokemon games. It only accepts files of the .GBA(GameBoy Advance)format. It is layed out with the tabs; Map, Movement Permissions, Event, Wild Pokemon, Header.

    Maps Basically, this lets you customize the map and add to it. You can change the size, surrounding tiles, and what order you want to organize tilesets.

    Pokemon Rom Hacking Sunstone%20TownPokemon Rom Hacking Snowspore

    Movement Permissions This is pretty self explanatory. You basically choose what type of movement you want to put over a certain block. I'll make a tutorial for advanced map if this thread actually gets some notice, and go more in-depth then.

    Pokemon Rom Hacking Sunstone%20Town_movPokemon Rom Hacking Afdadsf

    Events This is basically where you add "sprites", warps, and text. Sprites are the people that you see moving around. you can change what the text or sprites say with an external script editor. More on that if this gets some attention.

    Pokemon Rom Hacking Sunstone%20Town_evtPokemon Rom Hacking Snowspore_evt

    Wild Pokemon Dont think this needs much explanation. Here you can choose what what wild pokeon you encounter in the map.

    Header Here, you choose what city name pops up when you first enter the city and such. You also choose weather the map is inside, outside, underground, and so on.

    Pokemon Rom Hacking Waterway%20Town

    So, thats a basic Summarization of Advanced-Map, the main tool for making pokemon games. Advanced map is limited, so other tools are needed if you really want to get deep into the game. I've been working on my own game that I dont have a name for yet. If anyone is Interested in working on a game with me, let me know. I'll introduce you into some better programs and show you how far you can take these games.

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