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    Platitude News - 24/07/12


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    Platitude News - 24/07/12 Empty Platitude News - 24/07/12

    Post by Cüzen on Wed Jul 25, 2012 1:33 am

    Today in Platitude News, a few major steps towards a much better site have been made! One of these steps are the forum shop! After hours of coding, I have completed 99.9% of the forum shop, so look forward to that soon; but for now, here's a little snippet of a sneak peak:

    Platitude News - 24/07/12 Button17

    In other news, the official Forumotion reviewer team has reviewed this forum. Below is their official analysis, and any bits in red have been fixed/changed.

    Platitude News - 24/07/12 Yourfo10
    Platitude Forums

    Platitude News - 24/07/12 GraphicsLayout
      Despite the brilliant first impression I have of the forum, it is sort of let down by two or three things. First, the great theme is not original - it was made by Quierra. This is no bad thing in terms of getting members, but it does hinder the review score a little bit. The second thing is that your forum's favicon is generic. This is being really nitpicky, but I do not feel that it fits well with the forum in general. I would suggest trying to find one of a speech bubble with some text in? In any case, the third issue is that you have a massive 'accordion' with nothing in it at the time of the review. I recommend finishing coding and graphics projects first before putting them up as so not to deter potential members who see the unfinished items.

      In any case, the forum looks good. It seems like a site I may join as it has quality and attention to detail, but there are two further things I would like to point out so that the forum can be a bit more streamlined. First off, hide the inactive forums and show them again upon request when you know someone is going to post in them, and secondly - show the title of the last topic on the index. This option is located in the admin panel - structure and hierarchy - scroll down.

      I do like the little images you have for each forum, as they give the site a bit more of a professional air. Check the wording of some of these locations though, a few are a bit dodgy such as:

      For forum games - whether it be counting to 100 or drawing with ASCII art, it has it all.

      Perhaps it would be better as:

      For forum games, whether it be counting to 100 or drawing with ASCII art.

      There's not much to criticise to be honest. You've started off well with a good theme, and usually that's the trigger to get sites going (well, unless you're famous and people join anyway because of that).

      Two final suggestions are:

      - Find the code that hides the underline on usernames, and implement this into your CSS.
      - Change the group name of 'moderators' to 'moderator' to fit with the rest.

      All in all, this forum looks great. Happy discussions!

    Platitude News - 24/07/12 R_good10

    So, a great review for Platitude. Hopefully we can get a full review once more people have joined.

    Today's poll:
    Would you like to see the forum buttons (reply, new topic, locked, etc) changed? Vote using the poll up top.

    Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time.

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